American Cult is a nonfiction comics anthology about religious cults in America. The book will collect honest, compassionate, and thoroughly researched stories—stories that humanize the people involved but also call out abuse where it happened. 

Box Brown

 We already have some amazing contributors like Box Brown, J.T. Yost, Ben Passmore, Emi Gennis, Rosa Colón Guerra, Mike Dawson, Josh Kramer, Ellen Lindner, Steve Teare, Andrew Greenstone, Vreni Stollberger, and many more. 

J.T. Yost

There's still room in the book for a few more stories.  Please contact us if you're interested in submitting.

Andrew Greeenstone

American Cult is looking for a publishing partner with book store distribution who can bring this anthology to a larger audience. If that sounds like you, please contact us. We plan to publish in 2020.