Hi! I'm Robyn Chapman, the editor of American Cult, a nonfiction comics anthology about religious cults in America. If you're interested in submitting, please contact me. Below are the project specs.

Emi Gennis

American Cult: a 200-page (approx) black and white perfect bound comic anthology 

Seeking: 3-12 page stories about religious cults that either started in the United States or have significant American roots 
Trim size: 6x9 
Page rate: $50 
Payout: $100 on approved thumbnails, script, or page-by-page outline. The rest on delivery and acceptance of final art 

I'm not seeking salacious stories (though, I'm not seeking bland, humorless stories either). What I'm looking for is sincere and fact-based comics journalism that tries to fully understand these groups, their appeal, and their members. But you don't need to provide the whole history of a cult—small, focused stories are good too. 

It's really important to me that these stories humanize the people involved but also call out abuse when it happened. I don't want the members of these groups to be unfairly mocked or belittled. The last thing I want to do is direct hate toward a minority religion. 

What is a cult? I define them by four essential criteria.

1. A cult is a group, but it’s better described as a community or even a family. Fellowship and a sense of belonging are really important in a cult.


2. A cult is totalitarian in nature. A cult leader has authority over their followers and controls many aspects of their daily lives.


3. A cult is held together by a shared belief system. Shared values and deeply help truths are what attract members to a cult, and often it's what keep them from leaving.


4. A cult does not conform to cultural norms. It’s member’s beliefs and way of life challenge mainstream values.

Steve Teare